Berry Fresh Bakery

Malpas, Cheshire
Locally produced Artisan Jams, Chutney and Marmalade - using locally sourced ingredients where possible

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About Us

Berry Fresh Bakery is an Artisan Jam, Chutney and Marmalade business based in Malpas in rural Cheshire.  Tom is the maker and Lynne helps and supports behind the scenes . They started the business in 2010 with Lynne baking cakes and pastries for local farmers’ markets. Tom said “what shall I do – I could make some jam for the cakes”. So he made plum jam to go into a Bakewell tart.  Very soon he widened the range and added chutney to the offer. It didn’t take long for the sales of jars to overtake the cakes and pastries.

Lynne  then chose to get employment and provide a little financial stability to their lives and this enabled Tom to focus on what was now a jams chutney and marmalade business.

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It is really important to enhance the flavour of the fruits, vegetables and spices in a chutney. Tom does this by carefully selecting the best vinegar and sugar to match the ingredients and complement the colour.


A good deal of work has gone into Tom “perfecting” his marmalades. They are fruity, citrusy and many of our customers say moreish. Again as with all of our products they are made in small batches using traditional methods. Neither do we use gelling or setting agents this means our marmalades will have a slightly looser set


There is plenty of fruit in a Berry Fresh Bakery Jam and Tom captures each individual flavour in every jar. We rely on the fruit’s natural pectin to set the jam, occasionally some need a bit of help with additional pectin and citric acid. We do not however use any other setting agents or additives.
All are made traditionally in small batches in a Maslin pan

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About The Products We Make

All of our products are made:

  • Starting with good quality ingredients bought locally where possible
  • Using traditional methods 
  • In small batches
This means Tom captures the layers of distinctive flavours in each individual jar he produces.

In our CHUTNEYS we use a variety of good quality vinegars to match and enhance the flavour and colour of the main ingredient. All of the ingredients are prepared and cut by hand – but onions do get sliced in our faithful food processor.

Tom has spent time developing and perfecting MARMALADE. You won’t find anything other than fruit and sugar in them – (except of course where we add ginger or whisky)! This means they are full of citrus flavour and a slightly looser set.

You will find plenty of fruit In our JAMS and in many cases whole pieces too. The majority of our Jams rely on the natural pectin in the fruit to set, however, some need a little help with additional pectin and citric acid. Other than that we add no other setting agents or additives.

All of our jars are cooked in small batches to match the seasons.

Free delivery for orders over £35

Enviromental Commitment

Whilst we are a small artisan producer we believe “Everyone doing a little can have a big impact”

  • We ask our customers to return glass jars for recycling
  • We use reputable companies as part of our supply chain with their own commitments to the environment
  • We buy in bulk (Jars) to reduce the number of deliveries we receive
  • We plan our deliveries to minimise the miles travelled and the number of deliveries made
  • We endeavour to purchase items, not in plastic punnets
  • Our production is done on an electric cooker and when sourcing equipment minimum energy use is very much considered in our decision 
  • We use LED lighting
  • We have reduced our vehicles from Two to One
We consider, on an ongoing basis, ways we are able to reduce our carbon footprint. If you see or think of something we are able to improve upon please let us know.


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